About Surfaces


Surfaces is Richard's second exhibition in the past 3 years. 'Surfaces' is a group exhibition featuring the works from artists Hanna Kay, Kate Briscoe, Richard Zaloudek and Saif Almurayati.

Surfaces Exhibition opens on July 16th 2014, 6.00pm until 8.30pm. 
The exhibition closes on the August 9th 2014.
Held at The Janet Clayton Gallery. 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW.



After a lengthy, successful career in animation, in 2009 Richard decided to re-direct his creative energy back into fine art. The first step of this pursuit was to design and build a customised studio at his quiet and peaceful home on Sydney’s north shore. Once the studio was erected, Richard was free to re-discover his creative self, without the commercial constraints of animation.

In this time of creative self-discovery, Richard did not want to go back to erotic surrealism of his last exhibition. Rather he viewed this time as a time to experiment, explore, and find his own unique artistic style. Richard has always had a passion for textures, earthy colours and strong compositions.

With these basic elements Richard experimented with numerous media, resins and unconventional materials, and slowly but surely his own style emerged. The result of Richard’s self-exploration is the body of work titled, Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a collection of abstract pieces that resonate strongly with Richard’s love for organic forms and bold compositions. Often, Richard begins with an intriguing texture that is used as an inspirational catalyst to evolve the painting further. Because of the strong abstract forms and the three dimensional texturing, the colours introduced on the paintings are fairly muted to maintain balance of the paintings, and to complement the existing texture/compositions.

Richard admits that he draws much of his inspiration from the beauty present in nature. Everything around us in nature is constantly moving and changing shape. Metamorphosis aims to capture the ever changing beauty present in nature, and to display this beauty as a frozen moment in time. Richard comments, “Metamorphosis feels like forms sitting in suspended animation. That’s what painting actually is.”


About Richard Zaloudek

Born in Czechoslovakia 1948, Richard graduated from Technical College and studied at the Academy of Fine Art, Prague.

In 1968 he migrated to Australia and worked as an illustrator with a Sydney publishing firm. Once acquainted with his new country Richard branched into the field of animation in 1972 as a background artist.

In 1976 he a staged a one-man exhibition at Holdsworth Art Gallery Woolahra, dealing with erotic surrealism. This was followed by a highly controversial Erotic Art exhibition in 1978, in which many artworks were published in the book ‘Erotica: Aspects of the Erotic in Australian Art’ by Cedric Flower. Among the artists in the publication were Norman Lindsay, Brett Whiteley, Donald Friend and James Gleeson to name a few.

Through the years, Richard has been in increasing demand for animated film and television work including the first Oscar winning animated short film “Leisure” produced by Film Graphics Australia; and the opening credits for Australian mini series, “A Fortunate Life” and “Sarah Dane”.

Richard was also involved in designing and painting the Chatelle Napolean Brandy television commercial which won the ‘Best Commercial of the Year’ prize at the European Festival in 1981.

For 20 years, Richard was appointed Head of the Background department at Hanna Barbera in Sydney. During that time, he designed and painted all background’s for the Animated Feature “Footrot Flats: A Dog’s Tale” based off Murray Ball’s popular Cartoon series, aswell as setting up a Freelance business sub-contracting for overseas production houses including: USA, Germany, England and France. His services also included training young talent in overseas countries such as: Vietnam, China, Philipines and Taiwan. Furthermore, Richard worked on the popular TV animation series ‘Ren & Stimpy’, and also several feature films including “Dog Goes to Heaven 2”, (A Don Bluth’s Production), and the sequel to “Lady and the Tramp” for Disney Studios.

From 2002 to 2004 he injected fresh inspiration and original style into the Australian/French co-production TV series, “Little Elvis”. Richard served as the Key Background artist during this time.

In 2005 to 2007 Richard played a prominent artistic role for the German Feature film ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’, where he directed conceptual art design for the films pre-production phase.P

After a long, rewarding, successful career in animation, Richard finally retired from commercial art in 2008. Removed from the frenetic pace of commercial production, Richard found himself in a new, delightful space where stillness and new possibilities co-existed.

This peaceful, introspective period served as an ideal environment for Richard to return to his first love, fine art.
From 2009, Richard was inspired to explore his creative energy and began working on his paintings that would eventually become his body of work, ‘ Metamorphosis’.

Richard now resides in a quiet, leafy suburb in Sydney’s north shore, where he is happily married to his supportive wife of 39 years, Grace. Richard and Grace, have two sons, David and Alexander. Alexander has carried on the creative tradition within the family and works within the Australian animation industry as a digital animator.